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Deep Chakraborty

I am a Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience in the Industry, Master's degree from University of Florida, and a caffeine freak.

About Me

  • Name: Deep Chakraborty
  • Address: Gainesville, FL 32608, USA
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Phone: +1 (352) 328-0732
  • Email: contact@deepchakraborty.com

What I Do ?

As a passionate Software developer who delights in solving challenging problems with Software, I'm presently pursuing my Master's in Computer Science from University of Florida, and expanding my experience in Full Stack development. I have been working in the Technology industry for four years in Agile mode. Recently I am into developing a Vue.js application for Li Lab at University of Florida. In the past I worked as a Java developer for East Europian and West African clients in the Telecom space.

  • Full Stack Development
  • Java Development
  • REST API Design
  • Middleware Development
  • Service Composition
  • NoSQL Data Modeling














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Continuous Integration



  • 08/2016–05/2018

    MS in Computer Science

    University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

    Coursework: Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Data Structures, Distributed OS, Programming Language Principles

  • 08/2008–08/2012

    Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology

    West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, India

    Coursework: Web Technology, Data Communication & Networking, Numerical Methods & Programming, Mathematics


  • 04/2017-Present

    Full Stack Developer

    LiLab, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

    • Implemented a web application product using Vue.js, Node.js, Mongo for intra-project collaborations.
    • Did NoSQL data modelling with Mongo database, and programmed REST APIs in Node.js for React/Vue to use.
    • Developed dashboard using React.js and Node.js backend (MERN) to let users interact with deep learning services.

  • 12/2015–08/2016

    Senior Project Engineer

    Wipro Technologies, Kolkata, India

    • Implemented follow-up-orders feature backend in a telecom Order Execution Engine in Java, which allowed users to append another subscription-order to a previous order. Helped business in boosting the total orders by 39.2%.
    • Led a team of six interns to optimize four SOA-based asynchronous Service Composition algorithms and conduct performance analysis and documentation, which reduced the probability of orders getting stuck by 3.6%.
    • Met and collaborated with clients in Eastern Europe, to establish system designs, which led to a $95000 project.

  • 12/2012–11/2015

    Project Engineer

    Wipro Technologies, Kolkata, India

    • Improved Order Execution Engine availability by implementing rollback mechanisms in Java, that could store orders in distributed queues and Oracle DB during system failures and re-initiate them later, thus reducing the downtime by 31.8%.
    • Developed and presented a test automation tool using Java and Groovy, as a part of Continuous Integration (CI), to enable early detection of bugs, thus reducing the overall release time by 40%.
    • Engineered a reusable TCP network socket server component in Java to enable cross-domain communication.


Github Battle

React app letting users find out the better GitHub profile among any two given profiles, and fetch the most popular repositories on GitHub filtered by programming languages.

Chat App

A chat application using Socket.io featuring a chat room to let users join and broadcast/unicast messages to the joined members over Facebook-style chat popups.


An end-to-end Internet of Things Cloud-Edge-Beneath (CEB) architecture consisting of Xinu device drivers for LEDs and temperature sensors connected to Beagle Bone Black boards; Xinu processes to enable communication between the 'things'; and a WebSocket based dashboard to control and monitor the 'things'.

Huffman Encoder-Decoder

Huffman encoder and decoder used for lossless data compression. Built using binary heap, pairing heap, and 4-way cached optimized heap as priority queues, and their performances were compared. Report can be found in here.

TINY Compiler

A compiler for a TINY programming language with a predefined lexical structure and context-free grammar, which validates syntax, does type-checking, and generates byte-code.


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